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Les Traductions du Millénaire

We have a strong network of experts delivering the highest quality services, but that’s only half the story. We also have the technology to take our services, and our clients’ results, to the next level.

This is the era of Content, with billions of words and images viewed around the world every day. Localising your content can ensure your brand is seen and heard in your target market, and technology that combines human and machine translation helps make content localisation simpler than ever.

Tradmil’s investment in TMS, machine translation and AI technology, combined with the skills of our expert global linguists, means we can help you navigate the complexities of producing, managing and updating content, adapting to suit your needs.

Our approach to multilingual content is a practical one, adapting to suit the unique needs of our clients and their specific projects in order to deliver the results they desire. Where time-to-market is a key driver for clients, our ability to work to scale means high volumes can be delivered quickly at the best quality possible.

High volume content translation also needn’t break the bank. Our investment in translation memory and machine technology means your translations budget can stretch further, allowing you to widen high quality content production in new markets.

Our work is developed through clear and efficient workflows that make best use of resources, both human and technological, and most importantly adapt to your needs.

Here are just a few examples of our technology:

  • A totally secure online customer portal that centralises translation management with job tracking and advanced management reporting and analytics
  • Translation management tools including controlled authoring, content management, and multiple file type management
  • Productivity tools such as ‘translation memories’ that use automation to accelerate the translation process and provide cost savings
  • Glossaries to manage the terminologies and specialised content across all languages
  • Machine translation that we tailor, adapt and evaluate in specialist domains
  • Proxy translation delivering automated SEO optimised translation
  • Survey translation solutions for the market research environment to enable fast survey creation, validation and coding
  • Interpreter management, including real-time booking and bespoke online live interpreting platforms

To find out more about how our AI-driven solutions can help you, please reach out to us and a team member will get in touch

What We Do

Document Translation

When we say ‘we do translations’ very often people think of a one-page document translated directly from one language to another.

In reality, our translation services include everything from market research surveys to PPC ads and ecommerce websites, as well as interpreting, voice overs and transcription. What’s more is that these services are adaptable to suit your requirements – whether you need a court interpreter or a linguist with the correct medical knowledge to interpret at a medical appointment, we provide the services and solutions to suit you. We’re also happy to translate those one page documents.
As we translate in over 150 languages and 400+ language combinations from across the globe, we’re the first port of call for ambitious businesses looking to compete in a global market.

We’re fast, accurate and competitively priced too with technologies, such as TMS, machine learning and AI, in place to ensure efficiency and quality are never compromised. We’re also global, with bases across the world and a network of 6,000+ talented worldwide translators available 24/7. So no matter where you are, Tradmil will be there too. Just a few of the reasons why our global translation services are hard to beat.


Delivering end to end quality in all translations.

Our translation services also offer proofreading, which is means checking the translated document against your source file. This offers you or your client additional peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that a second experienced translator has reviewed the translation checking it against the source file for accuracy, spelling, and integrity.

We’re happy to proofread any document, even if we didn’t translate it for you. All our proofreaders are in-country linguists with mother tongue command of the target language and fluency in the source language.

We strongly recommend proofreading as part of your translation process, to verify content, localised style and clarity. And to ensure consistency with your in-house style and terminology, we’ll ask for reference materials such as previous translations, style guides and glossaries.

The quality of every proofreading project we work on is benchmarked against ISO-approved quality control procedures. This means we run spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting and completeness checks as standard.

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Desktop Publishing

Presenting your communications globally

You have your translations, now what? We provide a desktop publishing service to ensure your documents look and ‘feel’ right, in whatever target language and format.

Using your existing artwork template, or working with you to create a localised version, we remove the burden of dealing with formatting in foreign languages and scripts. This ensures that the text is presented in a polished format as good as the original.

The changes and local nuances we can manage on your behalf include:

  • Word swells: Document length can expand by up to 25% when translated into another language
  • Line spacing: Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean use less vertical space than Latin characters so the separating distance between lines may need to be adjusted
  • Page layouts: Languages such as Arabic and Hebrew are written right-to-left and so require completely modified page layouts
  • Numerical formats: Localised use of currency, date and time
  • Punctuation formats
  • Fonts and character sets across languages and platforms
  • Orthography and capitalisation of letters, depending on the language

Our multilingual artworkers work in all major software for Mac and PC, including the full Adobe suite and QuarkXPress. It means your finished document will be translated and presented perfectly for your target audience.


Keeping your marketing messaging consistent worldwide

What is transcreation?

Transcreation – sometimes referred to as creative translation or international copywriting – is the creative adaptation of your advertising and marketing message so it appeals to different markets, but still keeps the spirit, style and emotion of your original copy.

It’s not a straight translation. In fact, it’s often not a translation at all. It’s creative copywriting for websites, PPC, campaigns and more by experienced writers who understand the language, the culture and the local market place inside-out. So you get unique copy that’s different from the original but retains the essence of your brand message.

Why big brands choose Tradmil

Tradmil’s worldwide transcreation team consists of specialist, creative copywriters and experienced marketers, who will work closely with you to understand the mood, message and audience.

Our linguists are native speakers, located in-market to guarantee expertise in local culture as well as language. So they know all the nuances and quirky sayings. They also have experience in your sector and recognise the right terminology to use. This means your audience has the same experience of your brand – whether they’re in New York or New Delhi.

We also invest in the technology, be it TMS, machine translation or AI, that enables us to create time and cost efficiencies without compromising on the highest quality work of our global linguists. When it comes to transcreation and content, such technology is key in enabling us to support our clients in navigating the intricacies in producing, managing and updating high volume of content without breaking the bank.

To find out more about transcreation or to get a quote, please get in touch.

Localization Services (Websites, Applications and Software)

Adapting your content to the right audience.

The essence of internationalisation is the ability to take a localised approach driven by a content-strategy from which market-relevant copy can be developed. When translating content and campaigns for new markets, it’s vital that you speak directly to the consumer; that you adapt your communications to suit not only their language but also their culture and local nuances.

Localisation refines your content to create instant customer empathy and reassurance, allowing your core messages to be heard loud and clear. So if you’re launching a product in South America, we speak the Spanish that’s used in each of the 19 different countries.

Why our clients choose our localisation services.

Our localisation processes are designed to tactically support brands to create relevant material for each target locale. We advise on important elements such as language in addition to colour, use of images and iconography, and compliance with local advertising regulation.

Over the past 17 years we have nurtured an extensive network of native linguists, copywriters, editors who aren’t only skilled in language, but also have industry experience. as a results our ability to scale our services to a consistently high standard continues to grow, having exceeded 72M words translated last year.

We combine linguistic ability and industry expertise with the technology that enables us to create time and cost efficiencies for our clients whist maintaining the highest possible quality service. Our technological investments in TMS, machine translation and AI technology support and elevate the work of our global linguists, balancing human skill and machine-enabled efficiencies.

Our capabilities are underpinned by our passion for what we do. We are driven by a desire to see our clients succeed in their global ambitions, and we are proud to be part of each of their journeys.

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